In 2009, a whimsical design collectively known as “The Trailer Perk,” began to take shape through a collaboration of hard work, problem solving, and persistence! Like a good odyssey, this java journey has been filled with winding tailgate adventures, fueled by coffee bean dreams and an overflowing imagination!

The Trailer Perk’s “brewed awakening” was grounded by owner Amy Croger, and dad Keith Croger--A father daughter duo that literally laid the foundation for the mobile coffee and tea establishment. Currently, after 3 years of planning and development, The Trailer Perk is roaring and ready to roll--serving up fresh, delicious, and affordable coffee creations on a street near you!


A proud Kentucky native, coffee connoisseur, and modern day urban cowgirl, Amy acts as the java joint’s Roast Master and “Perk Ranger.” After graduating from Murray State University in exercise science and dietetics, she ventured west to Hollywood, California where she made her way as a fitness expert, a self-renowned artist, and coffee guru. As a resident of Southern California, Amy spent over a decade sourcing, roasting and serving up some of the best coffee beans in the world (including Kona, Galapagos Island, & Jamaican Blue Mountain)! With a resume of small town sensibilities and farm to cup ethics, Amy returns to familiar grounds in pursuit of building a career and living her dream in the Nashboro “Bean Scene.”


Caffeine counterpart, Keith, aka “Silver Fox,” brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to the coffee table. As a Jack-of-all-trades, Keith joins The Trailer Perk as Brew Master, and the official “Assistant to the Perk Ranger.” During off hours, he acts as professional mushroom hunter, and enjoys gardening, tinkering in the garage, and building birdhouses—one of which, The Trailer Perch shall debut soon! Expect to see great things from this humble humanitarian!


Paying homage to rural dwelling and lawn chair living at this finest, The Trailer Perk stirs a whole pot full of mobile home antics and hillbilly jargon that folks can smile upon, humor, and be proud of all the same. It’s been headlined by community trailer talk as “Retro Barbie dream camper…meets simple, small town living” (to say the least). Playful puns and barefoot paradigms set the tone for an experience that’s fun, familiar, & comfortable—and feels like home.

Taking a stand for Mother Nature and all the wild life critters, Team Trailer Perk makes positive contributions locally and globally. They pledge to keep the quality of their ingredients high and carbon footprints small--using only the finest organic, fair trade coffees from around the world, and fresh local milk from Hatcher Dairy Farm.


Striving to make the community a lil’ sweeter, Team Trailer Perk kindly welcomes families, locals, tourists, and folks from any neck of the woods! They challenge people to reassess the quality of their current brew, and assist them in discovering what delicious, gourmet coffee is all about. Understanding that nice matters, (and so does quality), they ensure that each guest feels special and comfortable, like you’re part of the family.

Serving up charm and cheer, The Trailer Perk hosts a comfortable atmosphere amongst the community—a place where strangers become friends. So come on down!



Thanks for visiting The Trailer Perk’s story—ya’ll take care now!